Sierra Mountain Photography

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Carrizo Plain Sunrise
Central CA Fall
Los Padres NF Fall
Eastern Sierra Fall, Day 3
Eastern Sierra Fall, Day 2a
Eastern Sierra Fall Day 2b
Eastern Sierra Fall, Day 1a
Eastern Sierra Fall Day 1b
SLO County, Aug/Sept '17
Courtright Reservoir
Eastern Sierra, June '17
Eastern Sierra, June '17(2)
Eastern Sierra, June '17(3)
Vineyards, Flowers, and Streams
Carrizo Plain Storm 1
Carrizo Plain Storm 2
Carrizo/Temblor Flowers I
Carrizo/Temblor Flowers II
Carrizo Plain Flowers I
Carrizo Plain Flowers II
Carrizo Plain Flowers III
Pinnacles, 60s and 70s
Tetons, 1950's
Archived Pages

Here are pages of photos from years past. Enjoy browsing through them.

Eastern Sierra I

Eastern Sierra II

North SLO County

Sunsets, Lakes, Waterfalls

Vail, CO

Central CA Storms

USS Midway

Soda Lake/Central CA

Eastern Nevada

Central Coast Fall

Grand Canyon

Sierra to Sedona

Mineral King 9/16

Marinas and Mountains

Mineral King (Sequoia NP)

Kings Canyon NP


Crepuscular Rays/Streams

Death Valley/Mt. Whitney 1

Death Valley/Mt. Whitney 2

Central CA 3/16

Central Coast Spring

Santa Rosa Creek

Carrizo Plain Flowers

Death Valley 3/16

Death Valley 3/16 II

Sierra Snowstorm

Sierra Snowstorm II

Carrizo Plain, Winter '17

Bishop Area, Jan '16

Bishop Area II Jan '16

Independence Hall/NYC

NYC/Poconos of PA

Niagara Falls/Newtown Battlefield

Monticello/WA D.C.

Central Coast, 12/15-1/16

White Mountains

Bishop/Lone Pine/Carrizo Plain

Sunrises and Sunsets

Carrizo Plain NM

Air to Air and Supercars

Courtright Area

Soda Lake Sunset

Central California

Death Valley/Red Rock Canyon

Death Valley

Carrizo Plain/Santa Cruz Mtns.

Sunsets and Storms

Rainbows and Aerials


Highway 88

San Luis Bay/North Coast

Cayucos/San Luis Bay

Pismo Beach

High Sierra Fly-in

Eastern Sierra 2014

Concorso Italiano


SLO County HDR

SLO County HDR 2

Horse, sunsets, and t-storms 1

Horses, Sunsets, and T-storms 2

Central Coast Spring

Palm Tree and Sunset

Crater Lake/Bristlecones

Death Valley Aerials

North Peak 1

North Peak 2

Grand Canyon Aerials

John Gill/Peter Croft

Bishop Area 3/31/13

Bighorn Sheep, etc.

Beyond the Sierra Nevada



SLO County Aerials

CA's Central Coast

Mineral King

Sierra Nevada

Summer 2012 Images/MT-WY

Michigan, Fall 2012

Sierra Aerials 1

Sierra Aerials 2

October in the Sierra 1

October in the Sierra 2